Tropical Conservation Semester – Apply Now!

The Tropical Conservation Semester, Ceiba’s popular study abroad program, takes students on an extended exploration of Ecuador’s amazing and diverse ecosystems.  From the high Andes and misty cloud forest, we spend two weeks in the Amazon basin (and the world’s most biodiverse place, Yasuni), and then journey to the renowned Galapagos islands. You can be part of the 2024 expedition, find out more here, or jump straight to the application.

This year, the program will feature local voices and culture more than ever before, with Ceiba staff members and passionate Ecuadorian conservationists María José Rendón and Sebastián Andrade leading the semester’s three modules: Terrestrial Ecology (taught by Joe Meisel and Catherine Woodward), Marine Biology (taught by Teal Guetschow, a TCS graduate and sea turtle expert), and Conservation Internships. Come experience all that Ecuador has to offer, and immerse yourself in a new and diverse cultural landscape!