Internship in Conservation

and Community Development

Early in the semester each student, with the help of program faculty, makes contact with a local conservation or research organization to set up an internship that takes place during the last month of the program. Conservation internships provide the opportunity for students to apply the background they have received in the ecology, environment, culture and language of Ecuador to work on current conservation or applied research projects. Internships are supervised by staff members of Ecuadorian organizations, providing for a mutually-beneficial cultural exchange, the potential for acquiring useful job skills, and a chance to become familiar with careers in conservation and associated organizations.

Students are not expected to develop their own project, but to assist where needed and as requested by their supervisor.  The only requirements are that projects must include an outdoor component and contribute meaningfully to conservation.  Each student will create a concrete “deliverable” for their organization as the culmination of their project.  Deliverables can be a training pamphlet, guided trail signs, a promotional video, outdoor education curriculum, an interactive website, and much more.  Such materials will make an excellent contribution to your portfolio that you might submit for future job applications.  After the internship, you’ll make a short oral presentation to the class summarizing your internships activities and contributions.

List of Internships with Ceiba