Snooze and You Might Lose! Your Adventure to Ecuador Awaits!

Don’t just take a nap up there, time’s a’wasting!  There’s still one week left before the application deadline for the Tropical Conservation Semester.

Three-toed Sloth in Amazon rainforest

This unique educational adventure takes you to some of the most pristine, remote, and wildlife-packed locations on Earth!  We spend two weeks in the Amazon Rainforest, and three full weeks in the world-famous Galapagos Islands; all told, we are exploring the forests, beaches, and waters of Ecuador for more than half the semester!  Along the way, you’ll earn 16 college credits, acquire resume-building field skills, conduct your own research projects in the rainforest and waters of the Pacific, improve your Spanish, and submerge yourself in Latin American culture.  Don’t wait, apply today!