Report from the Field – Ava Williams

Ava and Kelly award environmental education certificateMy name is Ava Williams.  I am a student from Colorado State University where I am currently finishing up a B.S. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources.  I am interning at Bosque Seco Lalo Loor Reserve for ten weeks, during which I will be helping with a variety of projects from forest dynamics research to environmental education.  I’m thrilled to once again be down South with newfound skills and knowledge to support the continued conservation of this biodiversity hotspot.  Last week I helped facilitate a week-long environmental education workshop for educators in the surrounding local communities.  This community event not only taught environmental stewardship to instructors but empowered students within the classroom as well.  Implementing this workshop has left a positive impact on my knowledge of environmental education and has reawakened my internal teacher.  I’m excited to continue this exceptional conservation work in the months to come!