Ceiba Foundation Celebrates 25 Years!

For a quarter-century Ceiba has been dedicated to protecting wild places, saving tropical species, and strengthening rural communities. We have emphasized building a world that is resilient to change: ecological, biological, climatic, and social. Ceiba’s conservation programs focus on saving critical remnants of pristine habitat, then connecting them with biological corridors. We invest in communities and dedicate our education programs to training the next generation of conservation leaders. We’re trying to make an impact that will last, and for the last twenty-five years we have been making a difference. You can read all about it in our 2022 newsletter Kapok.

Ceiba's History in Ecuador

Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking team in Ecuador, we have established two forest reserves, helped a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve come into existence, taught hundreds of biology students from Ecuador and the US, and inaugurated a bold new conservation zone on the Pacific Coast. All these accomplishments have been made possible by our committed and generous donors, and we thank you! Please read more about our achievements over the past years, in our Kapok, our annual newsletter. And please consider supporting our prorgams by making a gift today.