Tropical Conservation Semester
Internship Options

Below you will find a list of organizations (in alphabetical order) that have hosted TCS student interns in the past.  They have been carefully selected to ensure that students engage in productive projects, receive adequate supervision, and enjoy safe housing and food. Enjoy supporting these great organizations, and congratulations on making a difference!

Internship Options

AmaZOOnico Wildife Rescue Center – A center located in Ecuador’s Amazon region that rehabilitates wild animals that have been part of the pet trade or otherwise rescued from humans.  They have a lot of needs, from taking care of animals, communicating their mission, fundraising, and environmental education in the community.  See website for contact information.

Centro Jambatu – Amphibian conservation and research center dedicated to saving Ecuador’s diversity of frogs. The Centro operates Wikiri Sapoparque, a wildlife park that focuses on environmental education where where visitors can see many species of frogs and learn about threats to amphibians and what is being done to save them. Interns can participate in a variety of tasks at the center and park, depending on the time of year. Contact:

Fundación EcoMinga – An Ecuadorian conservation organization that operate a network of 6 reserves in the unique foothill forests, cloud forests, and alpine grasslands (“paramo”) of the Andes in east-central Ecuador.  Volunteers may work on reserve mapping, plant and animal census, wildlife monitoring using camera traps, or community outreach. Contact the organization for specific information on current activities at each reserve.  (This is a new partner organization in 2022!) Contact: Chiara Correa,, tel: 098-263-7162

La Hesperia – A cloud forest reserve dedicated protecting to tropical forests while conducting productive activities such as permaculture, organic farming and sustainable tourism.  Volunteers work on forest restoration, a demonstration organic farm, cloud forest conservation and monitoring, and environmental education. Located in La Esperie (Pichincha province), montane & cloud forest. Contact:, tel: 099-957-8369

Mashpi Shungo Organic Chocolate Farm – Small producer chocolate farm that seeks to forward regenerative farming practices. Interns work on planting, managing and harvesting food forests, and agroforestry with many tropical little known crops.  Also may include nursery work, forest trails surveys, and opportunities on other community farms.   Near Mindo, montane & cloud forest. Contact: Augustina Arcos,

Merazonia Wildlife Rescue Center – A new wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center working with Ecuador’s environment ministry to help trafficked and abused Amazonian animals. Located in Mera, a lowland rainforest environment.

Sumak Allpa – This is a primate rescue center located on a Napo River island in Amazonian Ecuador. The reserve is an island were rescued primates roam freely. Volunteers help with fruiting plant assessments, primate surveys, reintroduction efforts, and environmental education. Near Primavera (Napo Province). Contact: Héctor Vargas,, tel: 099-737-1286



*Galapagos National Park – There may be options for internships in the Galapagos, but these require an additional student expense (unfortunately) as the cost of the flight is beyond the course budget. Also, many established organizations in Galapagos, such as the Charles Darwin Station require a minimum commitment of 3 months. Discuss options and costs with your coordinators.

*Tiputini Biodiversity Station – There may be options for internships at the Tiputini station, but these may require an additional student expense (unfortunately) as the cost of travel to and lodging in Tiputini is beyond the course budget.  Discuss options and costs with your coordinators.