United Nations Supports Ceiba’s Earthquake Recovery Program

Carolina Toapanta, Ceiba’s Executive Director in Ecuador, and board member Steve Webster, have been working hard to cement a collaboration with the United Nations’ Development Programme (UNDP) to provide long-term support for our earthquake recovery efforts on the coast of Ecuador.  This week, the UNDP committed $50,000 to help revitalize regional microenterprises and commercial associations that are helping rebuild the local economy.  Thanks to the fantastic organization, optimism, and participation of the coastal community of Tabuga (adjacent to the Lalo Loor Dry Forest reserve), and the leadership of Ceiba’s earthquake recovery team, Tabuga is becoming known across Ecuador as one of the most prominent examples of successful recovery efforts.  Together we have achieved 100% rehabilitation of the town’s water supply, built a reliable delivery system for food and medical supplies, moved those families who lost their homes into dignified temporary housing structures, and have been making great strides towards the economic redevelopment of the region around sustainable and ecologically sound principles.  The UNDP’s commitment provides much-needed support to these efforts, which will produce benefits for the region that extend for many years.