Thank You For Your Donation!

Muchas gracias! Ceiba emphasizes the connection between nature and people by promoting conservation of tropical forests and wildlife while demonstrating that a healthy environment provides invaluable services, like abundant and fresh water and carbon capture. We work with local communities, individual landowners, and county governments in Ecuador to promote sustainable livelihoods of those living near tropical nature. Our collaborative programs help everyone protect habitat, reduce logging and hunting pressures, educate themselves and others about the value of intact forest, and promote sustainable enterprises. Your generosity is helping save tropical frogs, trees, birds, and monkeys,  while empowering local communities to lead their own environmentally-friendly development and be committed stewards of their land.

Every donation means a great deal to us, and we pledge to:

  • use all contributions only for our charitable purposes
  • keep your personal information confidential
  • let you choose how, and how often, we communicate with you
  • maintain the highest standards of accounting and record-keeping
  • be respectful, professional, and caring toward the individuals and communities that work with us

Now the fine print!  Ceiba is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our EIN is 31-1565636, and your donations are tax deductible.

Thanks again for supporting our work, together we can make a real difference in the world!

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This year I made a gift to the Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation! I really support Ceiba’s mission of working with local partners, it’s respectful and it’s working. Consider making a donation yourself to support programs that:

  • promote community-based habitat and wildlife conservation
  • encourage sustainable resource management that maintains ecosystems and biodiversity
  • provide environmental education through field courses, teacher-training and stewardship seminars
  • build capacity so local governments and communities take the lead in protecting the nature that surrounds them

You can learn more at, and please join me in supporting Ceiba!

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