Ceiba’s Top News Stories from 2018

We had a lot to celebrate in 2018:  a 700,000 acre UN Biosphere Reserve was declared in the mountains, a new conservation area is in the works on the coast, and the Lalo Loor reserve continues to host students from around the world.  All that, and an invitation to see Ecuador in a whole new way! Catch up on all of Ceiba’s 2018 achievements in our annual newsletter, Kapok.  Once you’ve read about what we have done, please take a moment to support our work.

Highlights include:

  • Conservation:  UNESCO announces the Chocó-Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve, protecting the El Pahuma Orchid Reserve and huge swaths of cloud forest from mining interests (read more …)
  • Conservation:  coastal municipalities agree to a Conservation and Sustainable Use Area protecting the last remnants of threatened tropical dry forest (read more …)
  • Research:  wildlife cameras record evidence of a diverse fauna inhabiting coastal forest patches, and confirm the presence of several species new to the region (read more …)
  • Education:  the Lalo Loor Dry Forest celebrates 15 years of hosting researchers and field biology courses from Ecuador, the US, Europe, and China (read more …)
  • Edu-Tours:  join Ceiba scientists on the educational adventure of a lifetime, and journey to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest (read more …)