Continuing the Recovery, One Year Later

Tabuga recover teamCeiba, with the support of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has been working hard to reach our goal of helping the communities of the coast Build Back Better. Our Recuperation and Reconstruction Workshop which focused on green, anti-seismic building, was a huge success.

You can learn more on our YouTube page by viewing the video about our efforts.

Our partnership with WWF goes beyond the workshop as they have also helped with funds for improving the Community Center in Tabuga and we are currently working on creating a local market to help support local economies by allowing those in the community to sell their products closer to home.

Tabuga Red Cross house

Ceiba’s continued efforts on the coast have also helped leverage support from other organizations. The Red Cross recently built 17 houses in Tabuga, helping many families depart from the temporary refuges and move into decent, safe, and airy living spaces where they can take better care of their families, and get back to their lives. These new homes, as well as the efforts we are putting into urban planning and zoning parks, streets, and community areas, will help revitalize the community.