Summer Field Courses

Marine Biology of Coral Reefs

Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. With this summer course, you will learn the fundamentals of oceanography, explore coral reefs and mangroves, all while learning gaining experience in marine field research techniques. For more information, visit our Marine Biology of Coral Reefs page.

Conservation GIS in the Tropics

Join Ceiba in Ecuador as you master basic and advanced geographic information system (GIS). You will collect data with GPS units and and analyze that data using GIS software. Students will apply these skills to real-world conservation challenges. For more information, visit the Conservation GIS page.

Water for Life: Sustainability and Community Health

Learn about water quality issues, one of the most pressing environmental concerns of the 21st century. You will learn about land use and water conservation and how they apply to community health. For more information visit the Water for Life page.