Outdoor Education

The EcoCenter at the Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve serves as a center for environmental education and provides a space for training in environmental sciences. Our staff, with the help of volunteers and interns actively maintain the information on dry forest ecology, marine biology, regional culture, and the natural history of the region. The reserve also has a native plant garden which demonstrates the north-south climate gradient that exists along Ecuador’s coast while the medicinal plant garden is host to a variety of plants used in traditional medicine. Having the reserve so close to the local communities is a valuable resource for students interested in environmental science because it provides a space and equipment for training local youth in how to monitor things like water quality and wildlife so that they can be involved in the various projects that Ceiba coordinates along the coast.

In addition to the resources within the Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve, Ceiba is also involved in promoting environmental education in schools. Volunteers and interns lead activities in local schools and organize trips to the reserve so local children can experience the natural world first-hand.

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