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To apply for an internship:

1. Read the Conservation Internship Guidelines for complete details on the internship program, including lodging, work schedule, application process and, cost.

2. Search the Internship Opportunities for internships that interest you, and select a 4-10 week session from the 2018 Session Calendar. You may indicate your FIRST and SECOND choice on your application form.

3. If you are not seeking academic credit* for your internship or are arranging credit through another institution, apply here. Make sure to pay the $25 application fee either by check to our U.S. office or online through Network for Good.**

*Please note that Ceiba Internships for credit are available through our University of Wisconsin-Madison sponsored courses only. If you want to earn UW Madison credit for an 8-week summer internship, you must apply though UW Madison International Academic Programs. Those enrolled in other universities who wish to receive credit must arrange this with their adviser at their home institution.

**Network For Good is like PayPal for nonprofits, and charges 5% in fees. If you elect to pay online, please indicate the purpose of the payment, check the box to add the 5% service charge, and fill in all contact information.

4. Fill out Part I of the Internship Agreement form and send it to the Ceiba who will coordinate with the on-site supervisor to fill out Part II of the form. You must turn in a signed internship agreement form before Ceiba will issue a final acceptance for your internship.

5. Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your acceptance. You may contact us to check on the status of you application. Once you are accepted, we will send you additional details to help your prepare.

Internship Documents and Forms

Conservation Internship Credit Requirements – what you’ll need to do in order to receive credit for your internship
Internship Agreement – between supervisor and intern
Evaluation of Student by Supervisor – credit-seeking interns must submit this at the end of their internship
Evaluation of Organization by Student – we request that all interns evaluate their internship experience

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