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Andean Cock-of-the-Rock El Pahuma Orchid ReserveBird Species List

The lush montane forests at El Pahuma are home to a large number of rare and endemic species, and in 2004 the reserve was designated an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International. The reserve's list of 155 species has been compiled since 2000 by Ceiba staff and volunteers, with the help of many visitors to the El Pahuma Orchid Reserve. A version is available for download in excel format. Bird surveys are continuing in the reserve -- let us know if you'd like to volunteer in this effort. If you visit El Pahuma and have a definitive sighting of any species not yet on our list, please let us know!

Here are a few representatives of El Pahuma's fabulous bird fauna:

Giant Antpitta Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan Booted Racket-Tail

Access more images and video of the endemic White-tailed Hillstar from the links in the list below.

Taxonomy and naming conventions taken from:  Ridgely, R.S., and P.J. Greenfield.  2001.   The Birds of Ecuador.  Cornell University Press.

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