Jama Conservation Corridor

The Manabí province has some of the most in-tact fragments of Ecuador’s coastal dry forest. With approximately 2% of this habitat remaining, it is important to maintain and expand these patches in order to preserve biodiversity and facilitate species movement between these patches. Ceiba is working on a large scale reforestation project to connect 27,000 hectares of forest fragments by creating a biological corridor. By working with private landowners, we intend to reforest over 200 hectares in prioritized areas. Planting native species alongside cultivates such as coffee and cacao, thus creating an “analog forest” will suite the economic needs of the landowner as well as maximize biodiversity. The goal is to collaborate with landowners to promote sustainable use of natural resources to increase the productivity of their land while improving soil fertility, water quality, and carbon sequestration. This is a multi-faceted project that will incorporate many of our current research projects as well as new research methods to measure changes in abiotic factors and biodiversity within the corridor.

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