Flora and Fauna


The lush montane forests at El Pahuma are home to a large number of rare and endemic species, and in 2004 the reserve was designated an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International. The reserve’s list of 155 species has been compiled since 2000 by Ceiba staff and volunteers, with the help of many visitors to the El Pahuma Orchid Reserve. A version is available for download in PDF format. Bird surveys are continuing in the reserve. If you visit El Pahuma and have a definitive sighting of any species not yet on our list, please let us know!


The one-acre botanical garden near the reserve entrance is accessed by an easy loop trail from the Nature Center. The garden celebrates the forest as habitat; no trees were cut to create it. Plantings of hundreds of native species of orchids, aroids, bromeliads, ferns and shrubs are interspersed within the trees, highlighting the diversity and beauty of the region’s flora. The garden is a good place to see native orchids in bloom and learn about the diversity of montane forest plants with the aid of informative signs.

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