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What Is Careware?

Careware is software that is available free of charge; however, if you use and enjoy the software we encourage you to make a donation to Ceiba to help support our projects. We primarily offer careware designed for use by scientists and educators, since that is our own background. In most instances, careware programs are written as VB macros in Excel, and utilize the familiar spreadsheet format for data input/output. Please peruse the titles below, and consider supporting tropical conservation by donating to Ceiba.

Careware Catalog

We are currently updating this portion of Ceiba's website. For now we are listing three Excel macros as trial careware:

MatrixToVectorMatrixToVector - Converts N x N square data table into single vector. Handy for data management, the user inputs a square matrix (symmetrical above and below the diagonal); the macro outputs a list of every possible pair of matrix labels along with the associated data value.

KillMatrixHalfKillMatrixHalf - Erases upper or lower half of square data table. Handy for data management, the user inputs a square matrix (symmetrical around the diagonal); the macro clears all matrix entries above or below the diagonal (user specified), and all the diagonal cells (if specified).

MultipleCounterMultipleCounter - Use your keyboard as a counter. Handy for counting several categories simultaneously (e.g., males, females, juveniles), the user assigns a keystroke to each category and counts by striking keys; the macro outputs the sum of all instances of each keystroke.

Instructions are provided in each file. Note that you must enable macros in Excel to utilize these careware programs. Remember to please make a donation to Ceiba if you find these programs useful!

Feel free to spread the word about our careware titles to your colleagues; however, we ask that you encourage them to visit and patronize our web site. Any questions regarding use of the careware may be addessed to Ceiba's staff, but please be aware that these programs are offered "as is," and tecnical assistance will necessarily be limited.


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